Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Pathology Report - Amy

First I want to Thank God for his faithfulness for I know He is in control and I want to give Him thanks and praise!!

The Pathology report shows negative for dysplasia and for definitive fungal elements. Basically there is nothing life threatening.

The Doctor said she will be fine but there is something that is entering the mouth that is causing the blisters and we have to figure it out.

Please continue to keep Amy in your prayers as we figure out the next step to help her through her journey and for her healing for her to no longer have pain. I am going to call the pedi on Monday because the Doctor said he would call him to let him know what is going on in the next day or two but basically the oral surgeon has done all he can.

Thank you all so much for your love, concern, faith and prayers as I know with all my heart God is in control.
Look at this cute craft Amy made today at her Thanksgiving party!

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Chelsea said...

Jen, have you had Amy tested for allergies? I'm wondering if she's allergic to a certain food or her toothpaste or something else that's causing her blisters. (Try one of the natural toothpastes from Sun Harvest or Whole Foods. You'd be shocked if you knew the toxins that are in regular toothpastes -- sulfur, formaldehyde, sugar, etc.!) : ) Chelsea

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