Saturday, November 29, 2008

Our 25 Days of Christmas Countdown - Advent Calendar

December 1st is Monday and I have been looking into our Advent Calendar. I have taken ideas from We Are THAT Family and my dear friend Carrie, she has some great ideas with daily scripture to re-enforce the project or theme of the day.

Here is what I am looking at for this year (most of it taken from We Are THAT Family and Carrie's blog):

{December 1} Send a letter to a child. It's such a great way to teach your kids about others. Read I John 4:10

{December 2} Make Santa’s list. Write a letter to Santa and drop off at Macy's Department Store, they donate to a charity for every letter they receive.

{December 3} Let your light shine! ask: How can we do this? Read John 1:5

{December 4} Build a fort from blankets & sheets/ Read a Christmas book in the fort!

{December 5} Lay on the trampoline and stargaze, talk about your dreams for the future.

{December 6} Make cookies.

{December 7} Watch a Christmas Movie.

{December 8} Make paper snowflakes (here's some great patterns) Read Ecc. 3:13

{December 9} Play a board game.

{December 10} Pray for pour people. Read Luke 1: 39-45, Mary visits Elizabeth.

{December 11} Work on Awana teacher’s, Choir teacher's and School teachers gifts.

{December 12} Leave little notes of encouragement all over (i.e. the mailbox, grocery story, park, etc.). Read Psalm 100

{December 13} Bethlehem Night (at church). Discuss the differences between living in Christ days and now.

{December 14} Watch a Christmas Movie and make hot chocolate with lots of marshmallows!

{December 15} Give $5 to someone (find a needy person). Read Rom. 5:8

{December 16} Make a gingerbread house.

{December 17} Talk about Missionaries and pray for them. Isaiah 12: 5-6

{December 18} Make a birthday card for Jesus. Put it under the tree.

{December 19} Sing Christmas songs.

{December 20} Have a Happy Birthday Jesus party, make a cake and give him a gift- such as being good that day, making a wise choice, talking nicely, being kind to a sibling etc. Go look at Christmas lights.

{December 21} Make something for our neighbors (a card, cookies?).

{December 22} Make a spinner

{December 23} Take bubble baths with Christmas confetti (recipe).

{December 24} Read Christmas story from the Bible. Open Christmas Eve gift from Mom and Dad (pajamas).

{December 25} Talk about Jesus, what it must have been like to be born in a manger, what the sky looked like, the 3 wise men, how there was no place for them to stay except with the animals, etc.

What does your Advent Calendar look like?

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