Saturday, August 25, 2007


Well, Thursday was the first day Emily wore her brand new white shoes to school. We tend to have issues with socks and shoes as Emily seems to have sensitive feet.

Well an issue arose with the new white shoes because she was complaining about the straps bothering her. Well she had no choice she HAD to wear them as HS has strict rules.

So we got in the car and we pray every morning but this time Emily asked me to pray about her shoes, that they wouldn't bother her. So I prayed that God would allow her feet to fit perfectly into the new shoes and that she wouldn't even realize that they were on. Well, when we got done praying Emily looks and me and says "Mom, God hasn't healed my shoes yet." And I replied "Give God some time, be patient." This brought to mind how sometimes I am in such a rush for God to heal me or take care of situations immediately especially when I am uncomfortable.

When I picked up Emily from school as I was buckling her in I asked how her shoes fit, and she said "Mom, God healed my shoes." It is awesome to know that we serve a God that always comes in at the perfect time, His time not mine!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Emily's 1st day in Kinder

Well, the first day of Kinder

didn't go as expected at least by my expectations. We have all been so excited about Emily starting school. This morning we woke up to a new schedule but everything went smooth.

Emily woke up excited to put on her uniform but once we got to school she had a sad look on her face, I think Dad being there had a lot to do with it as he is only able to attend the BIG events in her life, this being one.

She was a little shy as we introduced her to some of her school mates. Once the announcements ended they were asking the parents to kindly leave so class can get started and as David, Amy and I were trying to walk out the door a cute little girl tells Emily "remember me, we were in the same class for VBS." Emily broke out with a smile, then almost as quick as the smile came the sad face followed.

The Vice Principle was visiting the room and came to assist as David broke Emily's "don't leave me" hold from him (so sad to see). Then the big hit, Emily got in her chair put her head on the table and shed a few tears as we had to leave. I totally didn't expect that. I know she will come home later and talk about her new friends, the fun she has had and how she likes school but from this morning you probably wouldn't think so.

I am excited as this is a new beginning for me in my life! It will just be Amy and I for a few weeks until she starts Pre-K 3 school in the mornings. I don't know exactly all that I will do for myself but am excited to be on the journey that I am on now!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Slick, Quick Thinking

Today we were at Costco buying all kinds of goodies for Emily who starts school on Monday. Well, Emily picked out a few items as well as Amy. As we were finishing up our shopping experience for today I told the girls I felt like they picked out too many snacks and that we should put some back. After some serious thought Amy looks and me and says "Mom, just put the paper towels back and it will be OK."

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Not Quite

Today we pulled out our wedding video. This is the first time the girls have ever seen it. I told them we were going to see a story of a princess who found her prince. To their surprise it stared Daddy and Mommy. They loved watching it. Amy kept asking were she was and I told her she was still with God that it wasn't her time to be born yet because you have to find the right David, marry and then God gives you babies. Then Emily looks at me and says "Do we get to see the video of God putting us in your tummy too?"

Thursday, August 2, 2007

My Little Sick Girls :(

Well, it has been a long few days. Emily and Amy are sick again with croupy stuff so the last 2 nights have been extremely tiring for me with the breathing treatments and all.

But Emily has been a trooper and has worked on some workbook pages and has been playing Webkinz on the computer. She is actually mastering checkers and winning Kinzcash as she does. She hasn't lost a game yet and I talked her into playing the medium level the other day. Her Pink Pony and Bunny are very spoiled, LOL! She has also started her garden and is excited to see how much it grows everyday.

Amy watches, and Emily will let her play a few things but last night I let Amy pick a Webkinz and ordered it so we should get it in a few days. And yes, she picked out a pink poodle (this is her favorite puppy). She is such a good sport.

So that is what has been going on in the Osborn house!
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