Sunday, June 28, 2009

Did you say Emily can sew???

Emily did a sewing camp last week. She enjoyed it so much. The teachers were very surprised at how fast she picked up threading the machine, sewing with the machine, hand stitching, etc.

You can see the lovely aprons and critters they made. I guess I will have to pull out my grandmother's sewing machine so she can teach me how to use it, LOL!

Foam Bubbles Party

Emily was invited to a foam bubble party this weekend for her friends birthday.
As you can see it was fun!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Emily goes to Championships!

Well, we made it to the stadium this morning at 6:45 am to find out that the electricity had gone out about 1:20 am and CPS was working on getting it working for us. So at a little after 7:00 am we were able to enter the stadium. Because of the outage it set everything back about 30 minutes.
Here is Amy waiting...

It is time and Emily is ready for the freestyle event.

Emily has the silver cap on.

She takes a look over to see where her opponent is.

She gives it her all.

She is pushing forward.
She takes 1st in this heat but not the event.

I can't believe that a little over a month ago she couldn't swim across the pool and look at were she is now.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer is off to wonderful start...

Well, we are having a wonderful start to summer! The girls are enjoying Swim Team, VBS's, Outings, Etc.
Emily has participated in 2 more swim competitions this past week and will have her final one this Saturday.
We are so proud of her because she started about a month ago not knowing how to swim and is placing in competition.
Amy has made progress and is now walking on her tippy toes and lifting her head above water (this is HUGE for her). I know by next year she will be participating in competitions also.
Here is Emily at one of the meets last week.

My two little princesses!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Emily takes 4th in swim competition last Saturday

Oh how we are so proud of Emily. From going from not knowing how to swim, to competing last Saturday and taking 4th place.
She truly has become a little fish!
Coach Melissa giving Emily the pep talk.

Coach Melissa letting Emily know she believes in her.

Get mark, Get set, Go...

Look at her go!

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Ok, I am not a big Betty Crocker Boxed Brownie Mix fan. I prefer my homemade ones from scratch and if I have to use a box mix I like to use Duncan Hines.
But I have been reading blogs everywhere raving about this particular "Cookie Brownie Bar" mix. So I cracked down on Tuesday and bought the box and made them yesterday. Let me just say that these bars are YUMMY, YUMMY!!!
Everyone is right these are delicious. So the next time you are at the store do yourself a favor and pick up a box of Betty Crockers ~Cookie Brownie Bars. You will be happy that you did.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Summer Activity Calendar (from School)

Here are some suggested creative things we will do this summer.
*Click on each month to make bigger.

Monday, June 1, 2009

School is out...

Look at my littlest graduate from Pre-k. I can't believe that she will be in Kinder next year. My babies are growing up and the days are going by way too fast for me. I am trying to savor and enjoy every moment of everyday.

Amy with Sister Catherine.

Amy and her friends.

Emily and one of her favorite teachers.

Oh and look at how big our puppies are. We have just two left to find good homes for. The girls are missing the ones that have been adopted so much.

Well, Summer is here and we are looking forward to a very exciting summer.
***Emily placed 4th at her swim meet this past Saturday. We are so proud of her!***

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