Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Summer is off to wonderful start...

Well, we are having a wonderful start to summer! The girls are enjoying Swim Team, VBS's, Outings, Etc.
Emily has participated in 2 more swim competitions this past week and will have her final one this Saturday.
We are so proud of her because she started about a month ago not knowing how to swim and is placing in competition.
Amy has made progress and is now walking on her tippy toes and lifting her head above water (this is HUGE for her). I know by next year she will be participating in competitions also.
Here is Emily at one of the meets last week.

My two little princesses!

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Anonymous said...

such a sweet little girl in that huge pool but boy do they love to swim I'm sure.

We have made it through 3 days of VBS so I had to have a nap today. Whew! It's fun but man are they full of energy.

Happy week to you (((hugs))) J

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