Thursday, July 26, 2007

No second picks

The other day we had just finished eating Chinese food and there were 4 fortune cookies on the table. I asked Emily to pick one and then went down the line to let everyone have their choice. Emily loves to get fortune cookies because she loves for me to read what they say. Most times I will make up something because some don't make since to a 5 year old. This was one of those times. Emily opened her fortune with such excitement and handed me the fortune to read. I turned to her and read "Obey your mom." With out even a blink of her eye she turned to me and said "Oh man, I picked the wrong one this was Amy's."

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Things we hear are not as they seem

Emily and Amy were playing in their room this afternoon. Emily was dressed as Princess Aurora and Amy as Cinderella. As I passed by their room I hear Amy saying "Emily is a hooker"? I thought to myself, what??? Where did she hear that word. To my surprise and relief Amy was holding a red hanger and was trying to hook it on Emily's dress as she was saying and giggling "look sister is a hooker." Sometimes the things we hear are not as they seem and I am glad that this was one of them, LOL!!

Emily and the ENT appointment

Well, yesterday I took Emily to her ENT appointment. She was a little apprehensive because she thought her tonsils were coming out. But she was the perfect patient.

Dr. Bonilla said that her tonsils and adenoids are large but not abnormally large so he wants us to do a sleep study on her first. So I am waiting for Christus Hospital to call so we can set it up, hopefully for next week.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Summer ~ So Far So Good!

Well Hello and Welcome to our Blog!

This summer has been such a wonderful blessing and experience. Last summer I didn't really get to do much with my girls because of my commitment to MOPS and plus they were sick most of last summer. I am so excited to be spending quality time with my girls and husband it truly has been a blast!

Let me start out by saying that David was out of town the first week of July in Dallas to attend some workshops. The girls were at Crown of Life's VBS in the mornings that week which was nice because that gave us some space and it broke up our day. Believe it or not we had some very unusually early nights, LOL! Most nights the girls are in bed anywhere between 8:30 and 9:30, if we are lucky. Well that week I had the girls in bed as early as 7:20 and asleep before I could walk out the bedroom door. When David got back he asked me why the girls are not in bed and asleep by 7:20 more often, LOL! The girls and I had a wonderful week together, we had movie night, played and spent girl time together.

The girls are getting more and more into playing with Barbies. So to my surprise I walked in on them playing one day to notice Emily with two of her Barbies kissing and she had named one of them David. That afternoon I took the girls to Toys R Us to go and buy 2 Ken dolls and some Barbie clothes. They were so excited about their Ken dolls. Later that day they both had their Dentist appointments so as we were walking out the door to the car Emily stops and looks at me and says while holding the Barbie and Ken doll together "mom, Barbie is going to have a baby because she found the right David." Wow, I thought to myself that is a compliment but also a scary thought at the same time. I am glad that she is seeing the wonderful qualities in her Daddy and know that this will help her in her future to make the right choice in a mate. But lets not talk about that now because before I know it that day will be here.
I have to say how proud I am of Amy at her Dentist appointment. I wasn't sure if she was going to let them clean her teeth or if she was even going to open her mouth just to show Dr. Bob how many teeth she has but to my surprise she did and I think I know why. Emily went first and when they put her in the chair Amy didn't want anything to do with it because the chair scares her because it can move back into a reclining position. But, and I say but, when they pulled out THE Dora sunglasses, well that changed everything. Emily had the sunglasses on and they reclined her back and she got her teeth cleaned but once the chair was coming up in to the seated position Amy couldn't push her sister off the chair quick enough. Amy got right up onto the chair and sat patiently as the hygienist handed her THE Dora sunglasses. Amy put them on upside down of course, this is how she wears her sunglasses I think because there is more of the shaded part to look out of. But to no avail she was the perfect patient and came out of the Dentist office with a sparkling smile!

I volunteered this past week at Holy Spirit's VBS. Since Emily will be attending Kindergarten there I wanted to get to know some of the staff and students. I felt this would be a great opportunity and it was. I was in charge of snacks and had 10 helpers that were middle and high school kids. This was the best group of kids I could have ever asked for. When I woke up Emily this past Monday to get dressed she was wanting to wear her school uniform, LOL! She is so excited and so ready for Kindergarten. To answer the question in your head, no I didn't let her wear her uniform to VBS. I do have to say that I am exited too about Emily attending Kindergarten but also sad at the same time knowing that she is growing up and it is happening all too fast.

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