Monday, August 20, 2007

Well, the first day of Kinder

didn't go as expected at least by my expectations. We have all been so excited about Emily starting school. This morning we woke up to a new schedule but everything went smooth.

Emily woke up excited to put on her uniform but once we got to school she had a sad look on her face, I think Dad being there had a lot to do with it as he is only able to attend the BIG events in her life, this being one.

She was a little shy as we introduced her to some of her school mates. Once the announcements ended they were asking the parents to kindly leave so class can get started and as David, Amy and I were trying to walk out the door a cute little girl tells Emily "remember me, we were in the same class for VBS." Emily broke out with a smile, then almost as quick as the smile came the sad face followed.

The Vice Principle was visiting the room and came to assist as David broke Emily's "don't leave me" hold from him (so sad to see). Then the big hit, Emily got in her chair put her head on the table and shed a few tears as we had to leave. I totally didn't expect that. I know she will come home later and talk about her new friends, the fun she has had and how she likes school but from this morning you probably wouldn't think so.

I am excited as this is a new beginning for me in my life! It will just be Amy and I for a few weeks until she starts Pre-K 3 school in the mornings. I don't know exactly all that I will do for myself but am excited to be on the journey that I am on now!

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