Saturday, August 25, 2007


Well, Thursday was the first day Emily wore her brand new white shoes to school. We tend to have issues with socks and shoes as Emily seems to have sensitive feet.

Well an issue arose with the new white shoes because she was complaining about the straps bothering her. Well she had no choice she HAD to wear them as HS has strict rules.

So we got in the car and we pray every morning but this time Emily asked me to pray about her shoes, that they wouldn't bother her. So I prayed that God would allow her feet to fit perfectly into the new shoes and that she wouldn't even realize that they were on. Well, when we got done praying Emily looks and me and says "Mom, God hasn't healed my shoes yet." And I replied "Give God some time, be patient." This brought to mind how sometimes I am in such a rush for God to heal me or take care of situations immediately especially when I am uncomfortable.

When I picked up Emily from school as I was buckling her in I asked how her shoes fit, and she said "Mom, God healed my shoes." It is awesome to know that we serve a God that always comes in at the perfect time, His time not mine!

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