Monday, September 3, 2007

A few more Changes

Well, the girls have been sick, Amy more than Emily. We took them Saturday morning to the doctor to find that Amy has an ear infection (which we didn't realize), cough, low grade fever and cold symptoms. Emily just has a little cold that she has been fighting for over a week so they are both on antibiotics and doing much, much better.

Emily is loving school and has been learning so much. She has come home with smiley faces on her folder for the past two weeks which then allows her to pick treasures from the teaches treasure box and I must say she is all about prizes.

Amy will be starting her pre-k3 program on Wednesday and she is so excited to go to sisters old school. We have orientation tomorrow morning so Amy will get to meet the new students in her class.

As for me I am so excited because I will have a few hours to myself during the weeks to come. I will be working out, resting, having breakfast with friends & family, shopping, etc. I am excited about the new journey I am entering but a little melancholy as I am realizing that my girls are growing up.

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