Wednesday, September 26, 2007

We will have to see!

Well, the other night I had gotten dinner ready and on the table. We all prayed and David and the girls began to eat as I was up and down, eating in between pulling the cookies out of the oven and placing them on a cooling rack.

After David and the girls got done eating, David took Amy to wash her hands. Emily was still at the table and looked over at me as I began to wash my hands at the kitchen sink and she said "Mommy, you haven't finished the food on your plate are you going to finish eating?" I looked at her and said "well sometimes Mommy's have to do things in between eating and as soon as I get a chance to finish I will." And then I said "When you become a Mommy you will see." Emily then replied, "I am not going to be up and down, I am going to eat while it is hot."

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