Thursday, November 13, 2008

Amy's Experience Yesterday

First I do want to thank everyone for your prayers because they were heard and I do ask for continued prayer for Amy's healing and for answers.

Amy woke up at 5 in the morning yesterday and had about 2 oz of water and a few ice chips since her tongue was hurting so bad. She did fall back asleep and this is a praise report because we had to wake her up at 10 to make it to Wal-mart as promised by Dad and Mom for her to pick out a toy and a Crayola Color Wonder book. So off we went and as you can see pictured below she picked out a mermaid barbie and a dora color wonder book.

We arrived at 10:40 at the surgical center and Amy was happy coloring, playing with her mermaid and leapster. I have to thank God that she didn't ask once for something to eat and only mentioned once that she was thirsty and that was after my mistake of her seeing my water bottle. She is a trooper.

Here is Amy with her new mermaid.

Here she is with her tiger gown.

Here she is ready to be wheeled off to surgery.

Amy woke up hysterical from the anesthesia and was given more Demerol to calm her down. She did calm down only to throw up the medicine and the 2 sips of water she had, so they gave her some medicine through her ivy.

Once she was calm and snoozed for about 40 minutes and was then able to keep some water down, we were able to leave the surgical center where we got home about 4:45.

The doctor did 3 biopsy's on her tongue 2 in the middle top of the tongue and one long one at the tip. She is in a lot of pain and we did have a rough night and the morning seems to be going in that direction. I called the doctor last night to let him know that the pain medicine was wearing off in about 2 hours instead of lasting 4 to 6 so we are now giving it to her every 2 to 3 hours.
She is still not eating because of the pain and discomfort of her tongue and thank God for Sonic ice chips because they are great! She has had lots of banana popsicles and a little yogurt yesterday. She does have a fever so please pray for this little trooper and also that her taste buds will not be affected by this procedure.
The doctor says the results should be in in about a week and hopefully we can get answers to what ever this is and healing!
Thank you all for your time, concern and prayers for our little princess! And I thank God for his loving kindness and protection that He has had on Amy and our family.

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Chelsea said...

Poor peanut! I'm definitely praying for you and Amy, and also that the doctors will have answers and a solution.

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