Friday, November 7, 2008

Christmas decorating already?

Oh the excitement that is in our home today. The girls are off from school and since we love Christmas so much we will be decorating the house this afternoon.

Last year at Hobby Lobby's after Christmas 80% off sale the girls and I purchased an expensive tree that we paid barley nothing for ($20). I remember that they wanted to go home last year and put up the new tree but I told them that they would have to wait till next year and low and behold next year is here and it is all the girls have been talking about since the stores already have their Christmas things out.

Last night David went into the attic and pulled down the tree, train and all our boxes. So this will my very enjoyable able day with my girls!

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Anonymous said...

Please share pics! I love to decorate trees BUT my husband LOVE, LOVE, LOVES it. We are all going to be in a good mood til January now! FUN!!!

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