Sunday, November 30, 2008

David's 50th Birthday Hoedown!

Well, as you know David was in the hospital for a few days with pneumonia. He was able to be home for Thanksgiving and rested up all week for his Birthday Hoedown last night. It was so worth it.

Ann, Margaret and Patty really planned out and decorated the place for this special celebration. All David's nieces and nephews and brothers and sisters pitched in to make this a great and memorable birthday for David.

The very special birthday surprise gift were 2 Non-Bearded White Crested Black Polish Hens.

Emily is so excited about raising these hens. They should be laying eggs in a few weeks. Emily named them Pip and Squeak (David really should have named them as they were really his gift, but Emily is taking them over, LOL).

Thank you to everyone that could make it and to the ones that couldn't you were surely missed!
This Hoedown took everything out of David as he has been sleeping all day. Hopefully when he sees the doctor tomorrow we will have good news to report!

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