Friday, June 13, 2008

Going Postal at the Post Office

Ok, yesterday before I dropped the girls off at camp I realized that I needed like a 100 one cent stamps, yeah you read right 100.

So we had some extra time so I decided to take a journey over to the Post Office with the girls. I should have listened to my motherly instinct when Amy woke up on the wrong side of the bed tired from getting up early this week going to camp, having fun and going to bed late all week but no, I thought we would be ok to go on one short and sweet little errand.

Well, we get there and the girls get out of the car and we go inside where there was only ONE worker and ONE lady holding up his time. A few minutes later about 3 men came in to get in line behind me.

Well Amy decides she is tired of standing and wants me to carry her. Well my back has been hurting and I had bills in one hand and my wallet in the other so I look down at her and in a nice and polite way told her "mommy's back is bothering her" and continued to tell her she is a big girl and we should be done shortly. Well, shortly wasn't happening so Amy starts pulling on me, begging and crying for me to pick her up. Well, I had finally had it and I gave her a stern look and grunted my teeth and said in a not loud voice "you will have to wait" well as soon as I look back up I see the camera staring right at me in the corner of the post office and all I could think about is great I am going to be on the 5 o'clock news "see a mom going postal at the post office on her child" I could imagine all the stations playing it over and over again showing my angry face for all to see.

At that moment I was finally called up and asked for my 100 one cent stamps. Amy is still pulling on me, crying and blowing stuff out of her nose with no tissue, stuff from her nose is going everywhere and all I could think about at that moment is great I have not one tissue in my purse. So as we finish our transaction, all while the the tantrum is continuing and are walking out we stopped right outside the building and I looked at her and told her how this behavior was totally unacceptable. We get in the car and I give her a tissue since I have a box in there and we drive off.

I left the post office with my mind on the camera filming my every move and thought to myself even if we think no one is watching our every move someone always is whether it be a person or God. It was just one of those moments that I found very frustrating because I didn't meet the demands of my child but once we started driving off to camp her attitude changed when we finished our talk about what had just happened and why I didn't do as she requested and you would have never know of the experience we had just encountered.

It ended up be a wonderful day!

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