Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday Family Fun Night - Camp Rock

Ok, the girls have been counting down the Disney channels original movie premiere of "Camp Rock" with of course the "Jonas Brothers!" So to make it a fun filled family night I decided we would have a camp out in the living room.

The camp out started about an hour and a half before the premiere. David grilled so we had steak, potatoes and zucchini (using paper products of course) - dessert will come later.

After dinner we took out the girls Disney princess pop up tent and set it up. The girls pulled out their sleeping bags and we were ready to go.

Camp Rock began at 7:00 pm and in the middle of the movie we ran out to the grill to make our delicious dessert - smores! Emily loved them and of course Amy just wanted the plan untouched marshmallow.

Then we were back to the movie. But wait camping out wouldn't be complete with out its share of insects and bugs.

Over all it was a wonderful night of fun and family time!

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