Thursday, January 1, 2009

Welcoming 2009

We were invited to my friend Carrie's house for a
count down to noon
New Year's Celebration!
Carrie made the girls these cute party hats. Then she gave them a piece of card stock and asked them what did they think God wanted them to work on for the new year and for them to draw it and she gave a magnet for them to place on the back to hang on the fridge as a reminder all year.

Amy said that she was going to work on being nicer to her sister.
So she drew a picture of Emily.

Emily said she was going to work on being nicer to her sister.
She drew her sharing a dress with Amy.

Then they got to decorate cupcakes, that was so fun!
Here they are with their friend Ashlee eating lunch.

Then we had a count down at noon and celebrated by pulling the stings from some firecrackers!
What a BLAST that was!
Then there was more exciting news as Pip and Squeak our hens laid their first eggs yesterday!
As you can see Daddy accidentally broke one.

The girls couldn't bring in the new year with out their American Girl dolls.

Then we did our own fire works at our house before it got dark.

The girls had a wonderful day bring in 2009!
We can't wait to see what God has in store for us this new year!!
Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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