Saturday, January 31, 2009

Childhood Memory #1

Ok, When I was little I absolutely HATED to eat Oscar Mayer Hotdogs. The texture felt weird but the taste was even worse. I remember as a child probably around 5 years of age sitting to dinner to eat well you figured right, a hotdog. I can remember getting a napkin and I thought I was sly because I would take a bite and then when I thought my parents were not looking I would spit it quickly into my napkin. I remember this day so well because I had successfully spit the whole hotdog into my napkin. I got up from the table to throw the evidence in the trash. I did it, I was safe I thought until about 15 minutes later when my Mom called me into the kitchen over to the trash can and asked if the napkin that had opened with all my evidence was mine. I probably told her that it wasn't but I remember having to sit down and eat an other hotdog, or I should say eat a hotdog. It took a few hours along with some gagging.

All this to tell you that last night David picked up Whataburger for the girls. They wanted to eat in the car because they were watching a Barbie movie so they were at their own little drive in. David left them in the car (here at home in our drive way) while we were having Sea Island (at the kitchen table). When the movie was over the girls came inside and David asked the girls "did you eat all your food," where the echoed response was "yes Daddy." Because the deal was that if they didn't eat all their food they wouldn't get dessert.

Well this morning while David was loading the girls in the car to take Emily to Cheer a handkerchief fell down from the seat and opened up. Can you guess what was in it? Yes, it was food that one didn't want to eat last night. Can you guess which princess did it? Yes, Amy and she did get dessert last night.

Oh my goodness, it is funny how your childhood does come back through your children.

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