Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chrissa ~ An American Girl Movie

A few weeks ago I purchased Chrissa for the girls to watch. I have been wanting to post how impressed I am about the movie. It covers bullying so well and several types such as cyber, physical, emotional, etc.

As I sat down with girls to watch it, it became a great tool for discussion. We talked about bully's and how they make us feel, who is a bully, are you a bully, what can we do to stop bullying.

One of the key things in the movie was you have to tell someone when you are being bullied because if you don't speak up the bully will continue to win.

I highly recommend this movie to all Mom's with girls. What a great teaching tool.


God's Girl said...

You have such a beautiful family!

Thanks for sharing about the movie! Sounds like a great tip!

Chelsea said...

We loved the movie too! The girls had friends sleep over Friday night and everyone said it was the best movie ever.

The Metcalf Family said...

We have it, too...and equally love it. I have to admit, I think I enjoy it as much as Macy. I even cried at the end! :) Kudos to American Girl for making quality, family friendly movies that teach our kids life skills. We love them all!

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