Monday, April 7, 2008

The missing receipt

Well, I had lost a Marshall's receipt on Saturday. I had went shopping for one outfit for Emily to attend her first daisy father daughter dance - it was a fiesta theme. Well four outfits later I finally left Marshall's. I remember getting into the car and looking at the bag and seeing the receipt inside the bag and then proceeded to Payless where I went to find her matching flip flops (which Emily decided not to wear to the dance). So after Payless I proceeded home. As I was getting out of the car it was as if I could hear God saying Loud and Clearly to be careful the receipt could fly away. Without even looking down at the bags I thought to myself I will just get a tighter grip from which I then came inside straight to Emily's room where she decided on the one she liked. I had every intention of taking back the other outfits until I started looking for the receipt in Emily's room. I looked, Emily looked, Amy looked and David looked and it was no where to be found. I told David what I felt God saying as I came out of the car so he looked in the car and around the yard where it was no where to be seen.

So yesterday Emily wanted to wear another of the outfits to church and I told her to ask her daddy and he said she could wear another new one. So with excitement Amy and Emily wore matching outfits. So last night Emily asked if she could wear another of the outfits to school (she turned in a free dress pass) and daddy replied sure. So there is 3 of the 4 outfits. Well low and behold this morning David went outside and what do you think he found? Yes, the receipt it was by the bbq pit. It is like a miracle that it was found there because of all the wind blowing around. So 2 days later we can only return 1 outfit because we have worn all the others but Emily asked if she could have the last one and daddy said yes.

I guess it was all meant to be or was it? The bigger lesson that I was reminded about from this is to stop, listen and respond (even when it seems so small) to the everyday things I hear God telling me.

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