Saturday, February 7, 2009

Our Day at the RODEO!

What a beautiful day it was yesterday for the RODEO! It was windy and fun and here are a few of my favorite moments captured on film.
Dad and Emily on the Fairiswheel.

Amy and me on the Fairiswheel.

The girls on the bumper cars.

The girls on a jeep ride.

Dad and the girls on a roller coaster.

The girls with a Texas size boot.

Emily coming down a slide.

The girls on a spin ride.

The girls inside a bear ride.

The girls on an airplane ride.

This was so funny to watch because every time these cars turn the corner it would go so fast it would jerk them. As you can see Amy thought it was hilarious but I think it concerned Emily.

The girls on a motorcycle ride.

My Favorite picture of the day!

Who can go to a Rodeo and not have cotton candy?

Oh, we had such a blast and it was the perfect day!

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