Friday, February 20, 2009

If you are looking to see a good flick...

you don't want to miss "Madea Goes To Jail" as you will not be disappointed!!!
David and I never really go see a movie on the first day they premiere but I have been talking about this one for weeks.
This is one of Tyler Perry's best movies yet and Madea is so hilarious!!! If you are wanting to see a great movie that will have you laughing so hard that you will cry or maybe pee in your pants than this is one for you and on a serious note the story line of forgiveness was well done.
Great job Mr. Perry, we can't wait to see what God puts on your heart for the next movie. I can't wait to own "Madea Goes To Jail."

1 comment:

Jill_in_AL said...

Guess last night was married people's date night LOL! We went to see Madea too! It was so funny and you are right had a great secondary story line. I loved it!


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