Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Night that CHRIST was Born ~ Bethlehem Nights

Wow, what an experience. The girls and I participated in Bethlehem Nights up at church last night. We first got dressed in costume.

We were in the kids corner where our assignment was to play games that were played the night Christ was born. There were marbles and dreidel which Emily plays very well.

Here you can see Emily signing the census.

Here is Amy signing the census.

The girls had so much fun. We were only signed up to volunteer for one hour but we ended up staying two hours.

Here are Emily and Amy with a Roman Soldier.

Emily went to jail and I had to pay two coins to get her out.

Then it was the most anticipated experience of the night. We saw the "CHILD"!

The girls were in amazement.

This picture would have made a wonderful Christmas card.

What a blessing and honor it was to participate with my girls in this re-dramatization of the night that Christ was born!

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