Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We will miss you Zach

Our dog Popcorn delivered a pup late Monday night but he didn't make it and he passed away. We were thinking she would have at least had 2 to 6 pups but she only had one.

He's the cuties little thing.

The girls named him Zach.

I looked up what Zach means.

God has remembered

What a fitting name.

We will always miss and remember Zach.

I had made the comment that "Zach was in dogie heaven" and Emily looks at me very seriously and says "Mom there is only one heaven."

1 comment:

Jill_in_AL said...

How terribly sad. Don't you know your poor dog is confused but maybe not.....Zach is a cute and Biblically appropriate name. See you online, Jill

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