Friday, September 19, 2008

My little "Inferno"

Yes, you read right. Emily is in soccer (this is her first sport). She has been so excited about it. The girls on her team choose "Inferno" as their team name. The coaches were talking about the name "Red Hots" which I thought was cute.

I took Emily about two weeks ago to go and purchase her soccer cleats, socks, shorts and of course a pink ball. She has been sporting it here at home until yesterday.

Yesterday, was her very first practice. Amy was excited about her little chair and watched as her sister ran around kicking the ball.

Emily is a natural. You wouldn't have known that she has never played soccer before.

Look at her right in the middle of the practice game getting ready to do a hard kick.

She also enjoyed her time as Goalie.

Her first game is tomorrow at 9 am. She is excited and ready to go!!
Oh, and she picked #4!!!!

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