Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break at American Girl Store

We had a wonderful Spring Break. We decided to take the girls to the American Girl Store to celebrate Emily (early birthday) and Amy's Birthday's!

The girls had their very first American Girl Doll's hair done at the Salon. Make sure you look at Amy's doll hair closely.

Look at the miracles that can be done at the American Girl Salon.
Amy's doll is on the bottom shelf.

We ate at the American Girl Bistro Restaurant and had Birthday cake and ice cream.

Happy Birthday Girl's!

The girls love playing with their new dolls. Amy picked out Lanie and Emily picked out Julie.
It was a dream come true for Emily and Amy!

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Jill_in_AL said...

Such cute girls...cute pics! We will never have the need to frequent that store (much to my mother's sadness at no grandaughters). The cake was so pretty too!

It's a small world because just today I heard about another friend of mine took her daughter on the train from Birmingham to Atlanta to go their AG Doll store during spring break last week. She said they spend too much $$ but had lots of fun! Isn't that always the case LOL

Hugs, J

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