Thursday, July 2, 2009

Swim Team Awards

Can I just tell you (once again) how proud I am of my girls.

We started swim team on May 11th. Neither of my girls could swim, not even a little, well maybe Emily could dogie paddle, but not really.

Emily went from the first meet ~ holding on to the the lane lines about 4 times in between her swimming the heat, to not holding the lane lines by her last meet. She also got to participate in competition which was amazing to us because she didn't know how to swim when she started. Emily got a trophy for the "most improved."

Amy, was like a Koala bear holding on to the tree trunk and not letting go (she held on to the coaches neck tightly and wouldn't let go) to holding on to the coaches hand to swim. This is why you see a small Koala statue in Amy's hand. She would not even put her head in the water and now she does. She has come a long way and enjoying every minute of it.

Swim team is over but the love of swimming is not. I think we have found someones new passion.

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Busy Mom said...

I'm a swim mom as well! My boys have been swimming since they were 8 and 6. Now they are 11 and 13. To me it is the greatest sport EVER!! I am proud of your girls. I had a great accomplishment this summer when 2 of my swim students joined the team this summer! Congrats to your girls and their great accomplishment this summer!!

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