Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Amy's first filling

Well, at our last dental appointment they thought that Amy had 2 cavities that needed to be taken care of. So 3 weeks later here she is ready for her procedure.

This morning I woke her up to take some medicine that needed to be taken 45 minutes before her procedure. I thought we were going to have issues but to my surprise and Amy's courage she drank her medicine in one gulp without a peep or complaint.

So we took off to Dr. Bob's ready to get her hand painted. She chose a purple octopus today but the medicine was kicking in and so instead of playing she relaxed on my lap. Then you hear her name being called and we went to the special room. Amy was such a trooper, never wined or complained but just ready to see what was going to happen, although she never let go of my hand during the whole procedure it made me feel proud to be the one to hold her tiny hand and give her comfort.

Oh and she didn't need 2 fillings, she only needed one. All I have to say is God Is GOOD!!

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